OP – outra parada (which is portuguese for far-out)it’s a new way of doing things, a new look, a new perspespective. Breaks down and creates new standards. It does not fit in the attempts to fragment life, people, culture and institutions. OP stimulates ideas and different, integrated, evolved and creative solutions.

Cria is an OP – it is not a company or an NGO. It’s a group of people seeking their individual and joint purpose. Beyond projects with clients, we have some ideas that are Cria’s OPs.


The Health Ecosystem in Brazil Report

We elaborated this report in order to identify areas of opportunity for innovation to improve health in Brazil.

Our goal is to provoke the various players in the ecosystem to have a fresh look and see the areas where they can start new businesses that have a positive impact on the health of Brazilians.


Date Cria

A way to get to know our work space, our team and exchange ideas with other really interesting people.

Plus, inspiring lectures that happen a few times a year at our place. Show us your interest! Join us!



Content Bar

The value proposal is unique: speak and listen to cool topics in a place which – almost –  feels like home, the bar!

In each event, guest speakers will share stories on inspiring and fun subjects, in a quick dynamic 10-minutes-each format.

After that, an inspired exchange of ideas follows at the bar tables.