For whom do we create experiences?

We design our experiences for those who want to be change agents within companies in which they work and for companies who want to stay tuned in and track new business opportunities.


CriaLab Skills:

See below for the areas of the experiences:

(For now, our knowledge is available in 1 day workshops or extended courses)

The Future of Business

To inspire, shake up traditional thinking and bring a new view of business.

– Future Trends (emerging societal values​​, disruptive technologies, digital protocol, sustainable business, new economy, the future of brands, conscious consumer, networking, relationships and others)
– What this brings as new opportunities for business


Intrapreneurship Laboratory

To understand how the spirit and attitude of an entrepreneur can help you bring to life your ideas and transform the company where you work.

– What is intrapreneurship, key challenges and advantages
– Alignment with your purpose
– Diagnosis of your personal intrapreneurial ability
– The intrapreneur Tool-kit

Innovative Business Development

Practical experience to understand how the innovation process works and how it can be applied to a specific challenge in your company. Come out with concrete innovation opportunities. Gather your team to show that it takes to break paradigms to build innovative business.
– Key elements of the innovation process
– From problem to solution (design thinking, creative processes)
– Designing and testing the solution (Business Model Canvas, LeanStart Up – MVP)


Shared Value

Get to know the way businesses of the future are thinking. Understand how companies can change the world and make profit.

– What does shared value mean
– Differences in social business, sustainability, conscious capitalism, cause marketing and others
– Cases/Possible Models in Brazil and Worldwide
– How to apply it in your company


The Future of Health

Understand the great changes that are happening in the Health area. A combination of content and execercise to reflect over the market’s main challenges.

– Holistic view of Health
– New Technologies
– Opportunities for better health in Brazil
– Health for low-income and Seniors

Stay tuned for dates of the extended courses which will take place in the second semester.

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