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Inhouse Innovation Program

Instead of Cria consulting, multidisciplinary teams of intrapreneurs in your company will be trained and will perform in practice all the innovation processes that can be used by your team over time. We promote a cultural shift, developing new internal skills and creating new business value within strategic challenges set by your company.

Cria won over Dell by its deep understanding of the practices of innovation, lean startup and Business Model Canvas (…) a consultancy with a lot of knowledge in the area that works in, with a very strong network that brings a very important value for the workshops, bringing not only content but experts of the topics.

Geraldo Melzer

New Business Manager at Dell

What do you take?

A New mindset, a team trained in innovation and an innovation portfolio

How does it work?


  • We set up the plan for dissemination of the innovation program within your company
  • We define the profile of the desired candidate and selected intrapreneurs interested
  • Define the strategic challenges that will be addressed by the teams
  • Organize multidisciplinary teams to address each of the challenges worked

Implementation Program

  • We conduct monthly workshops with leading intrapreneurs including lectures, dynamics and experts for training the teams in the process.
  • We conduct weekly coaching meetings with each of the teams to monitor the work done during the week and identify the next steps for short-term
  • The teams will go through stages of immersion in the challenges, lead generation, testing and prioritization of business models and business cases with mounting market opportunity and financial structure of new ventures

Time estimate

7 months with monthly workshops and weekly coachings with teams

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