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To assist in the implementation of a new business for your company, we create a minimum viable product, prototype your model, bringing indicators that will assist in the design of the implementation model.

Cria brings a form of thinking to the market that is very interesting and is not more of the same. Bringing new blood to the market of this type of consulting.

Mauricio Bacellar

Former Director of Communications and Sustainability at TIM

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What do you take?

Implementation model for a new medium-term business, based on success indicators of the prototyping model

How does it work?

Understanding the Model

  • We design an initial business model of your company along with your team

Prototype Plan

  • We set a minimum product to be tested, define the hypotheses to be tested, results indicators and targets


  • We carry out tests of the new business and measure your results

Model Review

  • Review the initial model and make new tests interactively
  • We design an implementation model for the business over the medium term

Time estimate

6-12 months (according to the business scope)

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