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Innovation Business Map

To help your company to set up businesses connected to a new context, we build a map of innovative business opportunities based on the core competencies of your company, organized in short, medium and long term.

Absolutely robust results that are completely integrated with our business but that also connects us with what is new, the latest perspectives, with the social sector and demands that are out there.

Claudia Lorenzo

Director of Social Business at Coke Brazil

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What do you take?

Map of prioritized opportunities for innovative new business that your company can implement

How does it work?


  • We understand how your business work, its value chain, its essence and what are the main challenges
  • We do an ethnographic research with the target audience, understanding their real needs
  • We research market data, cases, analogies and interview experts in diverse areas


  • We cross all this information and extract key insights for your business

Map opportunities

  • We facilitate workshops with employees of your company, to present insights, co-creation and prioritization of business opportunities
  • We design a map of prioritized innovative new business opportunities for your company

Time estimate

2-3 months

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