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Business design

To understand a specific challenge identified by your company, we design a business model and implementation plan, preparing your company to pilot and create a new venture.

What do you take?

A new business model for your company 
to start piloting

How does it work?


  • We understand a specific challenge which we want to work with your staff
  • Study the sector, map competitors, similar businesses and start-ups, we interview experts on the subject, research cases and inspiring analogies


  • We cross all this information and make co-creation exercises of possible business models
  • We facilitate a workshop to present the key insights and models and to cocreate  a business model to deepen


  • We model your business, including value proposition, key features, customers, sources of revenue and expenses and risks
  • We create indicators to measure the tests with the clients
  • We test the model with the target audience
  • We set up a plan for the implementation of a pilot

Time estimate

3-6 months (depending on the complexity of the challenge)

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